DAFNI: Data and Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure

We’re part of a revolution in our ability to monitor, simulate and visualise national infrastructure systems. New data capabilities will provide unprecedented opportunities to innovate, transform infrastructure services and support the transition to a sustainable future.

This event – the launch of DAFNI, the Data and Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure – is a critical next step in data analysis and discovery. This £8 million investment will provide massive secure data storage, awesome computer power and the next generation in systems visualisation. At the event, guests will:

  • take a tour the innovation landscape of infrastructure data, analytics, simulation and visualisation,
  • explore the benefits that DAFNI’s advanced capabilities will offer to the UK innovation and research community,
  • start a year-long process to consult users from research, business and policy on the best way to design and deliver DAFNI;
  • give innovators, researchers, infrastructure owners and analysts a head-start in planning how they might use DAFNI when these unique facilities come on-line.

Speakers will describe how DAFNI presents opportunities for multiple benefits to research, infrastructure, planning and policy communities. They will also introduce the pilot projects that will kick-start the development process and demonstrate DAFNI’s transformative potential.

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We’ll also be starting our year-long consultation process to ensure that DAFNI’s capabilities can be applied to the management and development of infrastructure systems, so addressing the challenges our society is facing. We’ll be looking for feedback, comments and guidance to create a facility that will transform the way that infrastructure is delivered in the UK and globally. We will work with people, companies and partner organisations to find and drive the science and technology innovations that will enhance the UK economy.

The launch and consultation event will be held at the Future Cities Catapult, London from 2pm on Thursday 6 July, followed by a drinks reception from 6pm.


DAFNI is being designed and delivered over the next four years, and is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), and is as a research facility is part of the UK Collaboratorium for Research in Infrastructure & Cities (UKCRIC). It will be developed by the Scientific and Technology Facilities Council at its Rutherford Appleton Laboratory at Harwell in Oxfordshire.

Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network, in partnership with the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium, Ordnance Survey and the Science & Technology Facilities Council will lead a year-long consultation process to ensure that DAFNI is configured by providers and users to meet infrastructure needs national and globally.