A Fast Track Analysis of strategies for infrastructure provision in Great Britain

Jim Hall


The first report, A fast track analysis of strategies for infrastructure provision in Great Britain (FTA), reviewed the current status and future challenges for energy, transport, water, waste and ICT sectors. The report explores the effect of different scenarios of demand for infrastructure services in Great Britain. It explores the implications for infrastructure performance of three alternative strategies for national infrastructure provision:

  • capacity-intensive (CI), providing high investment in new capacity to keep up with demand and maintain good security of supply in all sectors;
  • capacity-constrained (CC), a low investment strategy with no increases in the current level of infrastructure investment, and an emphasis is placed upon demand management measures;
  • decentralised (DC), a reorientation of infrastructure provision from centralised grid-based networks to more distributed systems, involving a combination of supply and demand-side measures.

The FTA piloted the framework for long term strategic analysis of national infrastructure systems, which informed the design of the ITRC’s National Infrastructure Systems Models (NISMOD).


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