HS2: understanding resilience to climate change

High Speed 2

ITRC expertise was applied to understanding the implications of climate change on a long-life, interdependent project – HS2, the planned high-speed railway linking London and cities in the Midlands and North of England.

Working with JBA Consulting and Met Office, ITRC’s Dr Raghav Pant and Dr Scott Thacker developed a comprehensive methodology to help the HS2 project team to understand the implications of climate change on interdependent infrastructures (such as energy supply and transport links) when designing the HS2 route. In particular, they developed and implemented methods for describing the interdependencies; created a risk-based approach for assessing the impact of climate change on HS2 interdependencies; and prescribed a methodology for categorising, assessing and prioritising any HS2 vulnerabilities arising from these interdependencies.