ITRC analysis of 5G demand in the OxCam Arc

The ITRC OxCam Arc Analysis report provides a preliminary analysis of key questions across elements such as 5G strategies to meet data demand, the impact of population growth on demand for 5G infrastructure, use of brownfield macro cell sites, and new 5G spectrum vs greenfield small cells. It also examines factors such as travel time, carbon footprint, water usage, housing developments, pollution and environmental impact.

Local authorities and central government have lacked independent systematic analysis due to the complexities of planning for such an unprecedentedly complex project. The ITRC approach fills that gap and helps inform decision-making at all scales.

The ITRC digital communications modelling for the Arc shows headline results including:

  • Full fibre broadband can be delivered for between £1.59-2.34 billion (€1.87-2.75 billion) depending on the scenario and deployment strategy
  • Mobile data demand to 2030 can be met throughout the Arc using (non-stand alone) 5G for £160 million (€188 million) per operator
  • Digital infrastructure needs to be considered at the greenfield planning stage, particularly when planning new transportation corridors
  • Baseline growth can be met using brownfield macro cell sites and new 5G spectrum
  • Greenfield small cells should only be deployed in the densest urban areas

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