Power for change in adapting to coastal flood risk on Curacao in the Caribbean

Lena Fuldauer

This chapter aims to identify influential actors in coastal flood risk management (FRM) initiatives and to understand the power relations between the most influential actors. It proposes strategies to manage these power relations for more effective FRM. The chapter discusses a novel actor-mapping methodology has been developed and applied to coastal FRM, focusing on the island of Curacao. Power relations between stakeholders play a large role in such decision-making; including who or what is considered at risk or which measures for FRM are ultimately prioritised. The Ministry of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning department is considered an influential human opponent of FRM due to its mandate on urban planning. In analysing stakeholder influence in Curacao’s FRM regime, results do not align with traditional power sources in the Caribbean, especially those that are explicitly represented as being influential in published policy documents.