Progress & updates

ITRC-MISTRAL snapshot January 2017

NISMOD development and application

  • NISMOD used to support analysis for the National Needs Assessment
  • Ongoing collaboration with the National Infrastructure Commission in support of the National Infrastructure Assessment
  • Fast – recent work development of NISMOD2.0 for early April 2017.

Main developments in NISMOD2.0

  • Population – new household level micro-simulation model
  • Housing – building characteristics for all UK buildings
  • Energy – local energy hub model, better treatment of intermittency and demand response, higher spatial resolution for national/continental model
  • Transport – higher resolution multi-modal model
  • Digital communication – geospatial analysis of digital connectivity and roll-out (fixed, mobile, satellite)
  • Water – integration of WATHNET national model used for the WaterUK national framework study, incorporation of energy use and waste water treatment
  • Urban drainage – high resolution of simulation of urban flooding and investment in sewer networks
  • Flooding – work with EA to update and integrate the Long Term Investment Strategy model
  • Solid waste – higher resolution model of waste arising, transportation, treatment and disposal
  • Decision analysis – uncertainties, trade-offs and optimisation

Analysis of infrastructure network resilience

  • Pinpointing key vulnerabilities in transport networks (Lloyds Science of Risk Prize 2016)
  • Regional economic impacts of infrastructure network failure
  • Climate adaptation and interdependencies methodology and analysis for HS2
  • Climate resilient infrastructure investment appraisal for World Bank and Asian Development Bank

Other work includes:

  • Econometric analysis of the relationship between infrastructure and regional economic growth
  • Development of a spatial agent-based model of housing and infrastructure
  • Analysis of multi-scale governance of infrastructure systems
  • Input to NIC 5G and technological change studies
  • Potential £8m National Infrastructure Database, Modelling, Simulation and Visualisation Facility at RAL Harwell