ITRC- MISTRAL Infrastructure Analysis: OXCAM ARC

The Consortium launched  its analysis on the use of infrastructure systems analysis to inform planning and design of the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Arc at a conference and consultation event on 20 November, 2019, at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London.

The ITRC is applying its models and analytics to evaluate impact of local, regional and national choices on sustainable future options.

ITRC’s modelling will help to create the clear vision for the Arc’s grey and green infrastructure, employment and housing. The tool is highly flexible and can analyse a multitude of different scenarios at varying scales. We would particularly welcome feedback from those that see a value in the application of the ITRC’s modelling tools in practice.

Check the Executive Summary of the report on the itrc Analysis of cross-sectoral infrastructure demand and provision in the Oxcam arc

Download the Full Report on the ITRC analysis of cross-sectoral infrastructure demand and provision in the OxCam Arc ITRC  (January 2020)


The UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC)

The ITRC is a consortium of seven leading UK universities, and 55 private and public sector partners, developed the world’s first national infrastructure system-of-systems model, NISMOD.

NISMOD methodology, tools and evidence-based approach have been used nationally and globally to analyse long-term investment strategies as well as risk and vulnerability in cross-sectoral infrastructure networks – energy, digital communications, solid waste, transport, waste water, and water supply. NISMOD as a framework helps deliver sustainable infrastructure developments across the world.

Our partners include the UK government, particularly the National Infrastructure Commission, the United Nations Office for Project Services, The united nations office for environmental projects the World Bank, the governments of Argentina,Uruguay, Curacao, St Lucia, Tanzania, The Netherlands, Vietnam, and New Zealand, engineering consultants and many others.