NISMOD (National Infrastructure Systems MODel) is the UK’s first national infrastructure system-of-systems modelling platform and database. By 2020, the ITRC national infrastructure portal will be open to academia and industry as well as policymakers, providing access to infrastructure datasets, simulation and modelling results.

It will include modelling results from the first national infrastructure long term planning tool, created under the first phase of the ITRC, and currently being utilised to inform a national infrastructure needs assessment for the National Infrastructure Commission. The NISMOD platform is made up of four sections:



Long term performance of interdependent infrastructure systems

  • Integrated engineering-based simulation models of demand and capacity for infrastructure services in the energy, transport, water, waste water, and solid waste sectors of Great Britain’s National Infrastructure system.
  • Links between the sectors are included through cross-sectoral demand for services, e.g. energy generation requires water, waste water treatment requires energy, etc.
  • The interconnected simulation models are run from a single input framework and a single database (NISMOD-DB), acting as an repository for both the model inputs and outputs and as the reporting warehouse and post-processing facility.
  • NISMOD-LP allows the assessment of national cross-sectoral strategies for infrastructure provision based upon a multi-dimensional performance metric, including cost of service, carbon intensity, supply security, etc.


Risks and vulnerability in national infrastructure systems

  • A detailed hierarchical representation of the real-world assets and networks of the energy, transport, and water infrastructure sectors.
  • Stochastic climate projections and hydrological modelling derive profiles of natural hazards such as storms and floods that threaten infrastructure assets and systems.
  • A risk analysis framework uses the profiles to examine the robustness and vulnerability of existing and hypothetical configurations of national infrastructure networks.
  • NISMOD-RV allows assessing different national strategies for infrastructure provision based on their risk-footprint under climate change.


Regional development and how it adapts to infrastructure provision

  • A generic representation of national infrastructure systems as networks, assisting the transport of resources, goods, services, people, and the externalities of economic activity, allowing for further integration of different infrastructure sectors.
  • The generic representation is integrated into a meso-scale model of economic growth and development to assess the role of infrastructure for growth.
  • A spatial interaction model to assess the impact of infrastructure performance on local attractiveness for migration.
  • Combining these approaches ,can simulate the co-evolution of the socio-economic and the national infrastructure system.


Infrastructure networks, demand and performance

  • Combines hundreds of data layers on Great Britain’s infrastructure systems within a spatial database framework (using open source languages).
  • A scenario and output repository for the NISMOD-LP and NISMOD-RV models.
  • Includes nnovative algorithms for the identification and synthesis of national scale infrastructure networks from incomplete and unstructured maps.


A generic framework for international applications of NISMOD

  • A series of open-source analysis tools known for the application of evidence-based decision making in a diverse range of possible international settings.
  • Providing recipient countries with the capacity to develop and assess alternative infrastructure transition strategies for meeting their future sustainable development goals.
  • Capable of combining rapidly emerging global datasets with country-specific engineering insights and on-the-ground assessments.

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