Society for Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty annual workshop

13–15 November 2017, Oxford

The Society for Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty (DMDU) is an association of professionals working to improve decision-making under deep uncertainty.


DMDU’s annual workshop will be held in Oxford, UK, and will have a focus on the practical application of DMDU methodologies. The workshop will be preceded by a training day on DMDU methodologies on 13 November 2017. Dinner on the evening of 14 November will be held in Oxford’s historic Museum of Natural History.

Call for abstracts – now closed

DMDU 2017 workshop theme: dealing with deep uncertainty in decision making across multiple scales

This year’s workshop will tackle the challenges of decision making at many different scales from the perspective of deep uncertainty. The theme of multiple scales embraces spatial scales, temporal scales and the governance issues that they create.

Challenges for decision making under deep uncertainty can arise from the interaction between spatial scales including:

  • Global: including issues of climate change mitigation, resource exploitation, finance and security
  • National: including macro-economics, infrastructure investment, innovation, social policy and civil protection
  • Regional and catchment scale: including water resources management and regional economic development
  • City-scale: including adaptation to climate change, local energy systems, and transportation and mobility.

Challenges for decision making under deep uncertainty can also arise from interaction between temporal scales including:

  • Short-term and real-time problems, where information is scarce and time for decision making is constrained.
  • Longer-term policy, planning and investment problems, whose success is contingent upon future changes that are very hard to predict.

Workshop programme

Workshop day 1: 14 November 2017

Morning Global scale keynote: decision analysis for navigating uncharted territories
Panel discussion
Poster session: global scale issues.
Problem-solving session – defence  and security
National scale keynote: UK national infrastructure assessment and plenary discussion
Afternoon Problem-solving session: DMDU in emergency and real time situations
Poster session: insights from the cutting edge of DMDU
Parallel session: insights from the cutting edge of DMDU (1)
Tools and models demonstration showcase
Dinner Reception and dinner in the Oxford Museum of Natural History

Workshop day 2: 15 November 2017

Morning City-scale keynote and plenary discussion
Regional and city-scale parallel sessions
Poster session: regional and city-scale issues
Discussion session: lessons/challenges from different regional and city contexts
Afternoon Parallel session: insights from the cutting edge of DMDU (2)
Feedback from parallel sessions.
Discussion – mapping the cutting edge in DMDU
Reflections on workshop and plans for 2018
Workshop close, 5pm

DMDU Society international training day

13 November 2017, Oxford

This training session will provide guidance for those who wish to apply DMDU tools to the analytical problems they face. But just as importantly, the agenda also seeks to help people working with the output of DMDU tools, so that they might derive better understanding and value in applying these results.

For people attending both the training day and the workshop, the training will support their more engaged workshop participation.

For participants who will not be attending the subsequent workshop, it will provide an overview of the developing DMDU field with exposure to core concepts, current discourse and leading tools and applications.

The workshop will give equal weight to overview presentations, hands-on demonstrations and plenary discussion among the participants and with leading DMDU practitioners.