UNOPS Collaboration Update: Fast-Track Analysis discussed with Council of Ministers, Curaçao

Mar 14, 2018

The Council of Ministers of Curaçao, a Caribbean small-island state, discussed the fast-track analysis of infrastructure, produced by ITRC-MISTRAL in partnership with UNOPS, the United Nations Office for Project Services.

As part of UNOPS’ national resilience programme, ITRC-MISTRAL has been active in Curaçao for over a year, working with local stakeholders from government and business to develop an understanding of the island’s current and future infrastructure needs and to explore options for how those needs can be met. The analysis will demonstrate how evidence-based investments and policies in national infrastructure can be used to underpin long-term sustainable and resilient development.

A 3-person team from ITRC-MISTRAL – Dr Scott Thacker and DPhil researchers Lena Fuldauer and Daniel Adshead – travelled to Curaçao in February 2018 to present the interim results from the fast-track analysis, and to conduct further research and outreach with stakeholders.

Scott Thacker presented findings to the Ministry for Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning. The Minister, Zita Jesus-Leito, felt that these interim results were so significant that she arranged for a session at the regular Council of Ministers meeting (equivalent to the UK’s Cabinet) shortly after.

Scott Thacker said:

“As a first for the region, this study highlights Curaçao’s ambition for promoting international best practice and leading in this highly important area.

“We were very pleased to have this opportunity to speak directly to the Council of Ministers who would be responsible for taking forward this ambitious initiative for cross-sectoral strategic infrastructure planning.  After the presentation, we discussed possible next steps for the work.

“Later this year the fast-track analysis results will be formally presented with a regional dissemination event and associated activities to show how the recommendations will be taken forward.

“There is still further work to be done, but it’s good to see how our systems-based methodology and resources are having an impact. We are able to demonstrate how more informed decisions in infrastructure can have positive effects for Curaçao’s economy, environment and broader society and this evidence is giving senior decision-makers the confidence to act.”




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