ITRC-MISTRAL Infrastructure Analysis: Oxcam Arc – Urban development, Dr. Alistair Ford, Dr Nick Lomax, Prof Stuart Barr

Alistair gave a brief introduction to two interlinked models – SIMIM and UDM for local scale development and how they are being used to simulate demographic change to underpin demand and spatial simulations based on planning policies. The models can translate the headline numbers such as ‘1 million homes’ into what the physical dwellings would look like and where they might go, how drivers like jobs and accessibility will change locations where people may desire to live, and at how demand is generated by transport interventions like the Expressway. Restrictions such as drainage or flood risk or natural capital are also included in the model. SIMIM and UDM will help stakeholders understand the trade-offs across Arc and provide evidence that might help to understand the ramifications of decisions.

Please check the presentation slides here