Resilience in interdependent infrastructures

Simon Blainey

Members of ITRC’s consortium collaborated on a scoping study to look at resilience in interdependent infrastructures. ITRC members Simon Blainey and Adrian Hickford, University of Southampton and Raghav Pant, University of Oxford, were on the team that reviewed the design and planning stages of three sectors: energy, water and transport.

The report, A review of resilience in interdependent transport, energy and water systems, was commissioned by Resilience Shift (pdf, 250 KB). It was funded by the Lloyds Register Foundation as part of a wider initiative to enhance infrastructure resilience through engineering practice.

The study concludes that this area is an emerging discipline, with academic literature focusing on the theory of resilience, safety management and non-infrastructure systems. In contrast, there is little discussion of resilience engineering applied to interdependent infrastructure systems. However the authors propose that presents an opportunity to transfer ‘transformative’ ideas on resilience and performance-based engineering from theory into practice.

Resilience Shift has commissioned a number of scoping studies, several of which reference research conducted by members of the ITRC consortium. Resilience Shift is due to invite proposals for further research in 2018.

Hickford, A, Blainey, S, Hortelano, A.O. and Pant, R. 2017. A review of resilience in interdependent transport, energy and water systems, Agenda setting scoping studies summary report. Resilience Shift, London.